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My favorite Urban Chefs  product is no longer available at my local grocery store. What happened?

Often the local grocery store simply misjudged the demand for a product and stopped ordering enough of it. So give your local store manager an earful.

Or, very unlikely, there weren’t enough consumers buying this product to support its continued production. Of course, if consumers become interested in any specific variety, we will consider putting it back on the market.

Should I refrigerate Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce?

We recommend refrigerating Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce after opening for best quality.

What should I use Urban Chefs Barbecue Sauce on?

You may use Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce with most of your favorite foods, including chicken, steak, ribs, hamburgers, pork, hot dogs, French fries or sausages. You can also use Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce as an ingredient in recipes.

When barbecuing when should you add Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce?

Generally, you should baste foods during last 5-10 minutes of barbecuing  with  Urban Chefs  Barbecue Sauce, as sauce may burn at high temperatures.

I had a comment, question, or problem with one of your products. How do I contact someone about this?

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